Roots Boardsports Open 2014

The Boardsports Open was a blast this year. Thanks to everyone that came out and made it a great day! Here’s a little recap on the action if missed it.

2014 Roots Boardsports Open at Spray Lake and The Ranch Cable Park. Newmarket, Ontario Canada.


Choosing a paddleboard can be a tough decision.  There are different shapes and sizes designed for all kinds of riding styles.  That’s why we have created our SUP buyer’s guide.  Inside you’ll find everything you need to know to pick out your new board.  We also offer SUP demos throughout the summer, giving you the best opportunity to test out a variety of board and make sure you are getting the one you really want.


Click here to check out our SUP buyers guide


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Ontarios cable parks are changing the way we wakeboard.

Cable parks have been popping up around Ontario over the past couple of years making it easier for the average boarding enthusiast to get out on the water and try wakeboarding.

For as long as wakeboarding has been around it has been accompanied by the harsh reality that you need a boat, and if you want a good boat you have to pay…a lot.

For the average boarder this is a dream, sometimes met at a cottage lake on a friends boat or at a wake school renting sets, but the price of gas is always gonna hold you back.

This has all changed with the invention of the cable park, invented in 1959 by a German waterskier, cables have been sprouting up all over Europe and Asia with more than 80 cables in Germany alone.

So why go to the cable park if you are used to the boat? Most cable parks have features you will rarely find on the lake like rails and jumps and for snowboarders this feels more at home. This is also a good place to learn how to load the line, a skill that is hard to get down when your ripping across unsettled lake.

Here are a the cable parks that are killing it Ontario

The Ranch – New Market

The Ranch Wakepark is one of the premiere cable wakeboarding facilities in Ontario and the closest in proximity to Toronto(Only 40 minutes from our Toronto Location)! What started off as a dream, quickly turned into a reality in the summer of 2011, when they opened our doors for riders of all kinds.  The Ranch caters to riders of all ages and skill levels. Their certified coaches provide a safe and fun environment for riders looking to get out on the water and practice their newest tricks. They offer top-notch, custom-built features such as kickers, rails and fun boxes as well as lots of room for tricks in the air!

Price: $20 for 1 session with discounts for bulk buying

Where: 18205 Keele St, Kettleby

The Railyard – Mount Albert

Rail Yard Wake Park has plenty to offer beginners and intermediate riders of all ages. No need to head to cottage country to experience the thrill of wakeboarding, wake skating or kneeboarding. Located on a 24-acre privately owned lake only 45 minutes north of Toronto you can learn, practice and improve your skills at Rail Yard Wake Park. Upon arrival head on down the path to the waterfront… if it’s your first time at a cable park… no worries, we will guide you through the process. It’s really simple – let our staff know what you want to do (or ask for suggestions) and we’ll hook you up with everything you need. PFDs, helmets and boards are all available to rent, if you don’t have your own. 

Price: $20 for 10 minutes with discounts for bulk buying

Where: Queensville Sideroad, east of Hwy 48, Mount Albert

What Wake Park – Muskoka

The name “What Wake Park” is new to Muskoka, however the company has deep roots and a rich history in the area, where water-sports have always captivated residents and visitors alike. Muskoka is home for many unforgettable memories and continue to be the birthplace of new ones. Whether it’s the first time up on a pair of water-skis or that first invert on your wakeboard (accidentally or intentional), it’s safe to say life doesn’t get much better than summer days spent in Muskoka. 

Price: $20 for 1 session with discounts for bulk buying

Where: 3385 Hwy 169, Bala

Windmill Wake & Eco Park – Bayfield

Only 5 minutes from Bayfield, Windmill lake has more than 200 acres of forest and trails. It also is has a 40 acre lake, equipped with the only straight line cable park in Huron County they also have plans to become the first full-size cable park in Ontario in the near future.​ For now it looks like a place to defiantly check out.

Price: $20 for 20 minutes. Seaason Pass: $600

Where: 35957D Bayfield River Road, Bayfield


Boarder Pass – Three Locations Port Colorne, Sarnia and Kitchener

Boarder Pass was started in 2010 and was the first Cable Wakeboarding system in Ontario.

Price: $25 for 20 minutes

Seaason Pass: $600 and it works at all locations!

Where: 5050 Harrison Rd, Binbrook
3 Marina Road, Port Colborne
97 Seaway Rd, Sarnia


Here are a list of boards to help you get out on the water

2014 Ronix District Park


 This new deck is fabricated solely for the needs of cable. Yeah it has more surface area – that works better for the slower speeds of cable. Comes with built in flutes so you can ride this board finless with a cleaner lift and less pressure on air tricks allowing the board to flick out of the water and away from the rider easier. Even built with Ronix’s most stout low friction exclusive sintered base, and delam free torsionally stiffer krypto cable wrapping the perimeter of the board.   The magic carpet glass layup has a traditional construction on the base. If you soften up the layup too much on the bottom you loose a leverage point and the board becomes too inconsistent. Instead, they went with much lighter glass on the top. The result is one of the biggest advancements for cable riders. Without sacrificing any of a riders ollie power onto a rail, you now have so much more control and exaggerated body positions once you are on a rail. The board has a bigger sweet spot for a truer nose or tail press, less swing weight leaving a kicker and just overall more feel on the water or synthetic concoctions.

  • Sharper center rail creates a quicker edge transfer that is more reliable in choppier water conditions – blends to a more vertical sidewall in the tip/tail allowing the board to ride higher on the water with more glide speed
  • 2 Traction channels in the middle – help with acceleration thru a turn and push the rider into the wake
  • 4 Traction channels in the tip/tail – create a more stable feel on landings
  • 4 Flutes in the tip/tail – designed for a cable rider to aid the traction of the fins with a cleaner lift with less pressure on air tricks allowing the board to flick out of the water and away easier
  • Variable Bevel – rounder radius bevel on the inside of a rider’s stance blending to a sharp bevel on the outside for a clean progressive edge transfer and hold
  • Versatile rocker line – depending on how a rider edges into the wake it will feel like a continuous with easy transitions and soft landings, or a 3 stage rocker board and a more upright pop
  • Cable speed design – most surface area, and a sharper rail optimized for slower cable speeds
  • 4 fiberglass 1.0” fins and 4 fiberglass .8” Utility Fins
  • Created for the everyday cable and boat rider

2014 Byerly BP


Brenton Priestley (BP) has quickly become one of the most progressive free riders out there. His style is unlike anything we have seen, so when Scott “Butch” Bouchard had the opportunity to create a new signature shape for him, we knew it would be something special. The BP series features Byerly’s all-new Carbon Composite Stringer construction, which is an exclusive layup Butch designed to build a strong, responsive ride. 
The two independently inserted Carbon segments run tip to tail under the binding platform to create strength, allowing the board profile to be thinner for unmatched flex characteristics. They also store and return energy as the board releases off of the wake. The perimeter is reinforced with Byerly’s Energy Ring sidewalls, making the board extremely durable at the cable. The BP series features a fast continuous rocker line and mellow base features for a fluid and responsive ride. The BP is the newest addition to the Byerly line and the most advanced composite construction in the industry.


  • Shaped by Butch Customs
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Carbon Composite Stringer Construction
  • Carbon Energy Ring Sidewalls
  • Biolite 3 Core
  • Layered Bi-Axial Glass
  • Thin Overall Profile
  • Subtle Center Landing Feature
  • M6 Inserts


2014 Ronix Bandwagon ATR Special Edition


The Ronix team has designed hundreds of wakeboards over the past several decades – but never one remotely close to this. The start of the camber revolution, their latest in freeride shapes, the most amount of surface area and exaggerated tip/tail designs. The bandwagon project started out at first to see how wide is too wide? Boards have been roughly the same width for years. Then what happens if you crank the arc up on the tip and tail. Blending all of this with a surf shape rail design. The result was a One board feel on the water, with a bigger sweet spot and increased lift at slower speeds. Cable riders were amped on how much further they could take their presses on rails with the new super thin arc. From end to end a 146 cm prototype only had 138cm of running length on the water. So now you were getting the stability of a big board – but a shape that only had the contact on rails found on a much shorter shape – a big board with minimalist swing weight. Combine this with the feel and energy of the popular Phoenix Project series, and they thought they were done. 

Then Ronix’s engineers thru something they have been experimenting with over the past couple of seasons – camber. You never realize how much you ride in the backseat with a traditional rockerline until you ride an arc with multiple low points. How much more neutrally balanced you become, anatomically correct, driving off the wake using your front foot as much as you would your back foot. Things never thought possible on a wakeboard. The most explosive yet consistent snap Ronix has ever designed. Ride a wakeboard for the first time all over again – The Bandwagon. Oh yeah did we mention there is a grass scent to this gem in honor of their favorite tennis court.

  •  Full center rail creates a smooth transferring board from edge to edge
  •  Blends to a super thin design for more flex and feel on water or rials
  • Most exaggerated bottom bevel starts out at 4° blending to 18° on the ends, super forgiving and less likely to get hung up on rails
  • Deep symmetrical channels, help with acceleration thru a turn and push the rider into the wake Camber Arc – ride a wakeboard for the first time all over again
  • Running Length – Make a big board feel small- A collection inspired by the curves of convexity
  • 4 alloy 1.0” fins & 4 fiberglass .8” babooshka fins
  • Ridden by Erik Ruck, Marc Rossiter

2014 Ronix Bill ATR


The board smells like pineapples. For real.Bill bottled the scent and thru it in the tip – just the tip. A must in any rider’s quiver with a super fast skate inspired drift on the water and a new softer lay up for railslide cable park enchantment. The latest in progressive shapes for the next gen. of riders with bigger wakes, faster speeds, and longer rope lengths in mind. Bill created the speediest aquatic apparatus in the Ronix line with the most contact on the water. A growing trend is going towards faster boards. Having shapes that ride higher pushes the tail up, meaning less resistance, but also reducing the total rocker height creates more contact with the water. 

The new Bill has more top water momentum – so you don’t have to work as hard. With most shapes you have to create an unneeded exaggerated angle to gain the speed to get lift – the added glide is naturally putting Bill and the boys faster off the wake. They also exaggerated the thinned out tip/tail of this new shape, creating more of a delayed recoil snap. This creates a smoother approach, building energy thru the tail of the board as you transfer over the wake, with more forgiving, predictable landings. One of Ronix’s most versatile new shapes is also cable friendly. William on a budget with a new third generation softer Bill board.

  • Suction Cups on the top deck increase the connection with the boots for added board response
  • G&R Technology, Grip and Release channels have all the traction you need for boat or cable riding without creating unneeded resistance with the water
  • Vertical sidewall pushes the tail out of the water for improved glide speed
  • Reduced rockerline height – common misconception is that you need added rocker for increased lift – this rail design and rocker naturally carries more forward momentum
  • Thin profiled shape – creates more overall energy and added rebound off the wake – softer landings and more feel on rails
  • Each size has a tribute base graphic to Bills favorite blue water beverage
  • 4 fiberglass 1.0” fins & 4 fiberglass .8” utility fins
  • Fabricated by Bill

2014 Ronix Von Videl Cable


Core – Cable EditionNew for 2014 is a totally redesigned electronic hot lap cable special deck. Last year with the help from engineers and riders in 6 different countries and came out with a 90° turning, rail shredding aquatic device. Cable riders usually ride 4 mph slower, so you need to make up for that in added buoyancy. This board runs longer – so if you usually ride a 142 “boat” board – demo the 146.3 in this shape. A fast, flatter rocker means more contact with rails for added control, and along with the steeper sidewalls allows the board to ride higher with more glide speed. Plus longer boards are funner to press out. Boat boards are designed to set an edge, and constantly build an arc as you progress into the wake. Cable riders who do air tricks you want to set and maintain an arc without adding onto the angle. This way you have a predictable take off around the bend, landing with more forward momentum. A cable rider has to leverage into an ollie, or press onto a rail but just as important (which gets overlooked) is it has to snap back too. 

So you want to have more control, feel, and yes “flex” on a cable board – but only if it has a pivot point. So Ronix sourced this fancy new paulownia environmentally conscious short harvest time energetic new resourceful tree and a maple stringer running down the length and shaped it up into bits and pieces of rockers and rails. Then added their diamond glass – having a thin tip/tail shape and a really light glass in the tip and tail exaggerates everything you need on a cable. As a rider locks onto a rail the energy but is than able to leverage off signature magic carpet lay up. This past off season Ronix built their own R&D facility to ride and research behind the boat or the cable park – Lake Ronix. 
Thru all of their cable testing there they stumbled upon 2 big advancements. 1. Ronix added foam cut outs in the middle of the board – this helps reduce those big impacts on landings when you fall from the sky on a kicker. 2. Ronix swapped the layout of the Paulownia wood on the ends of the board to run horizontally. Now the wood is bending with the rider on a nose press – and not restricting the motion. A cable board without all of the meaningless chirps of a traditional wood “flex” board. Ride with wit ha fulcrum and unique individual pressure points.

  • Concave Bottom Tips – Effortless ollies and more controlled presses
  • G&R Technology – Grip and Release channels have all the traction you need for boat or cable riding without creating unneeded resistance with the water
  • G&R Part 2 – side to side stability and allow a rider to control a flick easier at a cable park
  • Thinnest Profile – More feel for consistency on all types of surfaces
  • Finless – Too big of a fin and a board gets hung up on rails
  • Nocturnal Run –  has a small run with recessed lights running thru the board
  • ABS-less, Krypto cable prevents delams – but unlike ABS it doesn’t trap as much resin, so you have a lighter board that is just as strong
  • 4 babooshka fins


 2014 Hyperlite Franchise FLX


Hyperlite’s franchise player has focused his sights on cable domination. Jimmy LaRiche has inspired one of the best park specific shapes to date. Beginning with their proven Crossover Core and 360 degree ABS sidewall, the Franchise FLX takes a softer feel to the next level. This series features Hyperlite’s thinnest profile, which creates maximum response and board control when pressed on features. Jimmy’s new design also utilizes a base surface with no tip or tail contours for a solid feel on rail. The subtle edge channels offer the perfect hold while cutting, but are shallow enough not to disrupt the feel of the board on features. The Franchise FLX was designed to take everything Jimmy loved about his previous shape and tune it to be the perfect tool for the park


  • Fully Machined Crossover Flex Core
  • Tri-Ax Layered Glass
  • ABS Sidewall
  • Sintered Enduro Base
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Flat Base Tip and Tail
  • Shallow Edge Rails
  • High Gloss UV Clear Finish

2014 Slingshot Shredtown 


The 2014 Shredtown has a slightly wider shape which helps create an advantage riding rails in the park and, the larger surface area also helps to absorb those high impact landings riders might experience when dropping 20 feet down a spillway to a flat landing. Also for 2014 we thinned out the core of the board from nose to tail which has enhanced the flex of the board, This a forsure buy for this season…. Come and Get em while they’re hot!

  • Continuous Rocker
  • ES Base
  • Atomic Core
  • Slingshot Fusion Sidewalls
  • Elliptical Concave
  • Sliderite Chined Rails
  • Slantwall
  • 4d  Graphics
  • Fastrack
  • Hand-built in the USA